Scott Shields + Bear

April 6, 2002

  • I was with Rudi Giuliani (standing at his right shoulder) when he got the first Hazmat reports about the WTC. They were not about asbestos but heavy metals and alkalines. The first words out of his mouth were ‘This will ruin the economy’ and ‘We can’t let them know about this’. I have not been able to be in his presence without getting sick since then. I was always taught and taught my guys that the life safety of our citizens came first. It was not good to learn that our leaders did not. In 2006 I was asked by EPA’s Cate Jenkins to testify about what happened. My life was never the same afterwards. Neither was hers. I always said that the truth would not come out until the Wall Street brokers started getting sick. That has come to pass recently. Whistle blowing is not for the faint of heart. It has taken all these years to tell this important story of the WTC’s real cover-ups:

  • Safety1ff Real

    FDNY firefighters have to say who did not work for Rudi or Bernie who Scott helped to send to jail.

  • ecb

    Supposedly this guy was a fraud…¬†