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I would like to show Voices of 9.11 at my university, museum, etc.
History of Voices of 9.11

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Just the Facts
Where were the recordings made?
Voices of 9.11 was created at here is new york: a democracy of photographs in two locations: a temporary space on 6th Ave + 42nd Street and at 118 Prince Street. Additional recordings were made at the Staten Island Historical Society. A mobile team traveled to Shanksville, PA. The Voices of 9.11 video booth was at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC in Fall 2002 and inside the Pentagon in January and February 2003.

How many testimonies are in the collection?
Approximately 550

How many hours of recordings?
Aproximately 120 hours

What is included in each post?
The date of the recording
The location of the recording
The V# of the recording

What’s a V#?
The V# indicates where the recording was made NYC (V0000-V0327), Staten Island (V0400-V0413), Shanksville, PA (V1001-V1010), Washington DC (V2000-V2092), Pentagon (V3000-3133).

What was the technical set up of the video booth?
Download V911 Tech Schematic

I Participated in Voices of 9.11…
Where is my testimony?
You can search for your testimony by typing your name in the search box on the right.

Can I get a DVD copy of my testimony?
Yes! We greatly appreciate all who participated in the project. Please contact us to request a DVD of your testimony.

I would like to add a written update to my testimony
Please do! Simply email me the text you would like to have added.

Can I get a DVD of someone else’s testimony?
No, we only provide DVDs to the people who participated in the project.

I would like to have my testimony removed from the website.
Please contact us and we will remove your testimony.

I would like to show Voices of 9.11 at my university, museum, etc.
For permission to display Voices of 9.11 please contact Jennifer Schantz at the New York Historical Society: jennifer.schantz@nyhistory.org

History of Voices of 9.11
Voices of 9.11 was established by Ruth Sergel at here is new york: a democracy of photographs.  Approximately 550 video testimonies were recorded in New York City, Shanksville, PA, Washington DC and the Pentagon from March 2002 to February 2003.
Participation in Voices of 9.11 was generally by appointment. Most of the testimonies were recorded inside a private video booth. Absolutely no restrictions were placed on what could or could not be said, participants could speak for any length of time and in whatever language they felt most comfortable. Fliers were distributed in English, Spanish and Arabic to encourage participation. There are testimonies in English, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Documentation of the Voices of 9.11 video booth:

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