Jean Ann Morgan

April 2002

  • Cmer320

    Jean Ann! How gripping and incredible! I went to Salve Regina with you freshman year. I’ve thought of you often, and glad to hear that you are well and have handled such a horrible event with such grace. Cara Egan Reynolds

  • Edward S. Kaplan


    I was extremely impressed by the moving testimony given by Jean Ann Morgan.  Her vivid recollections of 911 are heartfelt, riveting and above all genuine—just like her.  Jean Ann was a college classmate and we even took some of the same classes together at Providence College in the late 1980′s.  It is a pleasure to say that she has not changed a bit.  She was always one of my favorite classmates at PC.  You made a great choice with the inclusion of her video segment in your collection.  She is a terrific person with a great heart.

    Edward S. Kaplan
    Washington, DC