Ten Year Anniversary Update (2011)

28 September 2011
Since 9/11 my children are now young adults and in their life survived 9/11 the sniper, and an earthquake. The gapping hole in the Pentagon is now fixed and a memorial to those who perished is a peaceful reminder of the events of that beautiful September sunny day. Our lives have definitely changed with the increased security in the District of Columbia. You cannot just walk into the Smithsonian museums or any Federal Building without a security check. E Street in front of the White House is now blocked off to vehicles and you have to park on Constitution Ave.to view the Christmas Tree and circle of state trees. In one day you may be checked 4 or 5 times, especially if visiting different museums on the mall. This is an inconvenience to some, but the days of pre 9/11 and the freedom to come and go into a Federal building, are no more.
– Carol Ciofalo

Carol Ciofalo

September 25, 2002