Ten Year Anniversary Update (2011)

September 7, 2011
Even after 10 years the WTC site continues to be a part of my life. Just after the official clean-up ended and the on-site morgue closed I moved to the Financial District and have, for other than nine months, lived within two blocks of the pit.
A few years ago I started volunteering as a priest at Trinity Wall Street’s St. Paul’s Chapel on Sunday mornings. The core message of that place is not only remembrance but reconciliation. As the swirl of tourists and pilgrims come through those doors to see what was and had been, to be a part of the message of what is and will be offers sure strength and solace.
And that message of hope – in the city, in each other, and in God – makes it possible for me to be give thanks that even with our hard memories we continue to take up the equally hard work of reconciliation and healing.

– Clayton

Clayton Crawley

New York City
July 28, 2002