Jane Yost

May 9, 2002

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  1. Jane Yost says:

    Viewing this for the first time after 11 years, I wonder why I never mentioned that when I visited Liberty State Park 5 days after 9/11, my most intense impression was not the sight of the smoking buildings, but the smell. As we all stood there on the little mound in silence, we were probably all thinking the same thing: that we were experiencing what many war-torn countries do – the smell of death by a firey man-made disaster.

    Something else: 12 days after 9/11 on my visit into the City with my daughter, my most arresting moment was when we stood in reverent silence on a street corner while two very long trucks passed us by – each loaded up with immensely long, twisted I-beams … pieces of the World Trade Center. Before they turned the corner, a tear had run down my face and dropped off my chin. It was a funeral of sorts, or representative of the biggest funeral in our history ….. “our” history.

    I became a citizen 3 years after this, when the US and Australia both relaxed their laws about dual citizenship.

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