Ten Year Anniversary Update (2011)

July 22, 2019

In January 2003 when I provided my comments, I did it because I was asked to by my Commander.  I didn’t really think it would make a difference because I only did paperwork, and since I had already submitted my notes to the Library of Congress, I didn’t think the video testimony would make a difference.

Over 10 years later as I looked at the video, I was reminded of some of the things I had forgotten.  There are many things that weren’t said, but the information that was shared, was things most people would not think about.  I realized, how important this video testimony is, because it reflects on a day in which no one else considered.  Each testimony is different, yet valuable to put the pieces together.

I encourage war veterans to share their story with the Library of Congress, Veteran History Project, so that individuals will know what it was like not only on 9/11, but every conflict before and after that date.

A special note to our military members who served at the Pentagon and Twin Towers on 9/11 – if you received hostile fire pay, you qualify for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Many received the pay in their December 2001 LES.

A special thank you to Ruth Sergel and her team for knowing how important these stories were, before they were even stories!  Even though I was at the Pentagon on 9/11, I did not realize the impact my story would have, I just considered it paperwork, but sharing our stories puts pieces together that most people would not know about

Lisa Ducharme

January 28, 2003