Ten Year Anniversary Update (2011)

September 3, 2011
I am sitting in a hotel in Ethiopia after we celebrated the opening of the day care and learning center we built that will keep children safe from pottery dust and hunger.

Though my life as founder director of MotherstoMothers is working with mothers living in dire situations including death I get to see by creating projects that change destiny how mothers quickly work hard and switch to hope as projects grow and the destiny for their children changes

I will come home tonight to be there to honor all of us who were affected by 9/11 and hope that we too hold on to the possibility of hope and change and belief in a better peaceful world

Though women particularly mothers freezes peace in our homes community countries
We are only a very small portion of the voting peace project

I still look at a clear blue sky and have all the visions of that day back but all the mothers of the world have taught me to do what alll we mothers do cry cry and move forward
– Pamela Parlapian

Pamela Parlapiano

New York City
April 25, 2002