Ten Year Anniversary Update (2011)

June, 17, 2013
I am writing as a follow-up to this video. The date is 17 Jun 2013, over ten years later. I am now retired from the USAF and working as a contractor to a DoD Agency. It’s funny seeing myself ten years on. My memory is still so clear regarding that day, Sep 11th, that I even remember the voices of people as if they were right next to me.
I remember that for months afterward that I was so very sad. Sad that we as a nation lost our sense of safety that was so comfortable up to that day. A sort of innocence lost. We had felt safe in our United States of America and then someone came in and took that away as only a terrorist act can do. I did not and do not, personally, feel afraid. I’m a fighter and have always wanted to be first in line to protect and defend against whatever and whoever the threat is. I am still proud of our military and the young men and women that give a lot more than they get. I’m proud to have been a part of something so much bigger than myself. I wish that I was still protecting and defending our America.

Patricia A Vullo

January 21, 2003