Tuyet A Tran

May 2, 2002

September 4, 2011
I am privileged to have connected with Here Is New York organization and met some of the lovely people who worked in this project. I’m especially touched and honored that Ms. Ruth Sergel has reached out to me on the 10th anniversary. Here Is New York project speaks volume about the character of the very special and creative New Yorkers who have spent an enormous amount of time to document, compile, organize, and maintain a valuable and important chapter of the New York and American history. I think the American public and history owe these wonderful individuals a debt of gratitude and should continue to support the project through donations.

Personally, I am deeply appreciative of the individuals who have created Here is New York and for the unique opportunity to participate with my photo and narrative. I’m glad that amid a smoky neighborhood, I went through the doors of that small gallery on Prince Street and met some of nicest people. It was cathartic for me to be connected with others through their photos.

Over the years, I don’t discuss 9/11 with anyone except my loved ones, but I’ve listened to many who have recalled their activities or experiences on that day. To date, hardly anyone whom I’ve met after 9/11/01 knows about those pages of my life.

After the first few years, the tears are no longer free flowing whenever I’ve watched some parts of the annual commemoration on television.

If I may add that I am appalled and saddened that some Americans have exploited and used 9/11 for their gains, when they were no where near the city, let alone being a New Yorker seeing the horrors on that day. To me, bigotry and hate do not have any place in our diverse society. I write as a minority American woman who knows the ugliness of bigotry. The America that I know and love is the America that came together shortly after the tragedy occurred in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.

Thank you for this opportunity to update and reconnect with Here Is New York.

Warmest Regards,
– Tuyet